Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Planes, trains and automobiles (oh and baby legs!)

Yesterday we went and bought Jack a new carseat. He was getting close to outgrowing his infant carseat since it only held infants up to 28" and Jack is already almost 26". It is the Evenflo Symphony. It is convertible so it holds from 5-100 pounds and is rear-facing up to 35 pounds which was really important to me. It also has 5 reclining positions. I really like it. It set us back more money than I would have liked, but I like to think that for Jack, it is worth it! He hasn't actually ridden in it in the car yet, but I hope he likes it as much as he has enjoyed his infant carseat! Although, now I will have to pick him up and carry him any place we go instead of carrying the carseat(and he can't quite sit up in a shopping cart yet) but I will try to be optimistic and look at the good side. For instance, more bonding time, more "strength training" (Hey 12 lbs gets heavy after a while!) and he will have a great view to look at everything!Here is a picture of him in the new carseat.

If you notice in the picture he is wearing a pair of Crawler Covers (which are just like Baby Legs) that I got off Etsy. He now has 8 pair! I just love them. They make diaper changes easy and I also get to show off his cute legs! Here are some more pictures of him in his Crawler Covers.


  1. So cute! I love the new red and yellow ones!
    I'm excited about Jack's new car seat, what a big boy!
    Paige wants me to tell you "Gak! Gak! Gak! Gak! (etc.)", and she blows many kisses. :o)

  2. I like the red and yellow striped ones too! They are like Gryffindor! =]
    Tell Paige, "Gak" blows many kisses back!