Saturday, February 21, 2009

Of books and Babylon

I actually have no idea why this blog is called what it is, the title just popped into my mind. One of my favorite authors is releasing a new book in one of my favorite series soon and a certain blogger is giving away a ARC. If you comment on his blog you are entered to win it and if you post a link to his blog you get an extra entry. So here is the link:  And if there are any Wicked Lovely fans, check it out.

Today Jack and I met my mom, Tanner, Jayce and Ashley to see a play at Ike that Matthew Kincannon is in. The play is called HONK and it is the story of the ugly duckling. Matthew was brilliant. We met Kevin, Naomi, Issac Jensen, Kris Beaman, Rick and Linda Kincannon and Cherri Picatti there. It was an okay play. Although, we went and saw West Valley's production of OKLAHOMA which Ashley is in on Thursday and it was quite a bit better. 

Jaycilyn is staying the night at our house tonight. She came home with me after the play and watched Jack while I got some cleaning done. I am so thankful that she is so good with Jack and that she likes to take care of him. She even knows how to change his diapers now! She is a great little sister. 

Also today, Jack and I went to Toys R Us to get him some new diapers. I am trying to make more healthful decisions not only for myself and my family but for our planet. So I am trying to eliminate most of the paper products we throw away everyday, by making some reusable ones. This includes: paper towels, napkins, coffee/espresso cups, nursing pads, "feminine products" and anything else I can find a better alternative to. My mom thinks this is kind of gross, but I always feel gross throwing so much (especially paper) away. We are also trying to go as natural as possible with other things too. Such as; food, hygiene products (still buy and use them, just make sure they are organic), cleaners and again, anything else we can find an alternative for. So I bought Jack some "Earth Care" diapers which are free of chlorine, latex, dyes and perfumes. There are some biodegradable ones that I was looking into, but I read that those don't hold up to leaks very well and we REALLY need that. Jack's favorite thing to do is leak! 

At any rate, I will try to post more often and since I got good responses from that video I will try to post more of those. Especially for you, Nanee, I know how much you like to see Jack. But for now here is a picture.

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  1. I think that's great that you are trying to be more earth-friendly! I think as Christians we, more than anyone should know how important that is. I wish I could afford the fancy diapers.
    And besides, I'm tired of being called a hippie, so I'm glad that there are other young "organic" moms. :o)
    Also, you are so lucky to have family so close that will watch Jack! And I can't believe you got to go to a play! I would love that!