Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm dreaming of a...

I've always been somewhat of a dreamer. Not that anything has ever really come from any of these said dreams, but I like dwelling on lovely things. Who doesn't? Not that my dreams appear lovely to everyone, but they for some reason or another, appeal to me. I thought I would like to write a list of dreams I have for my life. Now I know some of these things are crazy and probably will never happen. But as I said before, I'm a dreamer, not a realist.

1. Learn to sew better
2. Learn to knit better
3. Learn to crochet better
4. Own a shop
5. Write a book
6. Go to the moon (told you some were crazy)
7. Go on a marine expedition
8. Go to Ireland
9. Go to New Zealand
10. Work at a zoo
And I could think of many more...but I don't want to exhaust you! =]
But for now, I will focus on raising a healthy, God-fearing son and let the rest fall into place in their own time.


  1. I really want to learn to sew better also! I'm a lazy, corner-cutting type or person. At least when it comes to sewing. I don't know how people can sew clothes! It's so hard!

  2. mmmhhhmm! That's what I'm talkin' about! I really wish I could though!