Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm dreaming of a...

I've always been somewhat of a dreamer. Not that anything has ever really come from any of these said dreams, but I like dwelling on lovely things. Who doesn't? Not that my dreams appear lovely to everyone, but they for some reason or another, appeal to me. I thought I would like to write a list of dreams I have for my life. Now I know some of these things are crazy and probably will never happen. But as I said before, I'm a dreamer, not a realist.

1. Learn to sew better
2. Learn to knit better
3. Learn to crochet better
4. Own a shop
5. Write a book
6. Go to the moon (told you some were crazy)
7. Go on a marine expedition
8. Go to Ireland
9. Go to New Zealand
10. Work at a zoo
And I could think of many more...but I don't want to exhaust you! =]
But for now, I will focus on raising a healthy, God-fearing son and let the rest fall into place in their own time.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Time flies whether you're having fun or not!

It has been almost three months since Jack was born and I can't believe all we've been through and accomplished! When Jack was first born there was nothing I wanted to do less than be a mom. It was the worst thing I could have imagined. And having not planned to get pregnant in the first place just made it all the worse. I felt horrible for it, but I hated this new life I was in. I didn't "feel" love for Jack that I thought I should, and I was ashamed of that. Slowly, things started to get better and we fell into a "routine" (although, sometimes it is still unpredictable!). Now at almost three months I love my little boy so much and don't mind being a mom at all. In fact, most days I really enjoy it. I am also very proud that we have made it this far exclusively breast-feeding. There have been SO MANY tough time when I just wanted to give up. But with support and help we have hung in there and Jack is really thriving! Overall, I am really happy to have Jack and so blessed with such a sweet little boy. Even though he seems to be teething (or something!) right now and we are getting VERY little sleep AND dealing with a VERY cranky baby =], I am still glad he is mine. Did I mention how cute he is?