Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My adulterous heart!

I realized recently that my husband wasn't the only man that I loved. I am in love with two boys! Mark and Jack of course! I just can't believe how much I have grown to love Jack and how much he has grown to love me. I know people might say this a lot, but he really is the best baby we could have ever asked for!He hardly ever cries, sleeps through the night in his crib, for the most part and is always so smiley! He is happy and nice to strangers and loves to play. He is so big too! Not fat, just TALL! Last time we went to the doctor (at 2 1/2 months) he was 25" now, at 3 1/2 months he is 27"!!! He is really smart too! I don't really know what it is, he just seems so competent. He loves his daddy a lot too! Here is a picture of my baby today in my new favorite outfit for him (even though they are pj's!). Sorry he looks like he got into a fight with barbed-wire, he just CANNOT stop scratching himself and always manages to no matter how short I cut his nails!

Well I am also wanting to post some pictures of crafty things and fabric I LOVE, but there are so many pictures I will probably just put them in an album somewhere and link to it. That way, people who don't care don't have to look at it. But now I need to feed Jack and he probably needs kissed to near death too!


  1. He DOES need kissed to near death! I can see it on his face! He looks like he wants his auntie Disney to do it though...
    Poor little scratched boy! Will he wear those little mittens? Paige never did. It's hard to suck your thumb when it's in a mitten.

  2. Yeah...he will wear them, but he LOVES to put his hands in his mouth and dump gallons of saliva all over them. So they get gross fast! But we usually put them on anyway. And we still swaddle him when he sleeps, otherwise he would keep himself up until next winter, rubbing his face. But sometimes he can wiggle out of his swaddle and that's when he gets all scratched up. Oh...I am on my way to make a skirt! Thanks for the inspiration!