Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Jackie Noodle

I made a skirt yesterday that made it's debut this morning at church. I like it okay, although I like my brown one better. I stayed up until 11:30 pm to finish it last night. And by that time my sewing was getting pretty sloppy! Here is a picture of me and Jack this morning. 

Sorry I look utterly ridiculous! For one thing, my hair is TOO long and I desperately need a haircut, my legs are shiny and I look 600 pounds overweight (hey, I'm working on it. Well, no not really. But I will!). Jack just adds 45 pounds. It is a great picture of Jack though. Oh, and you'll notice that great jacket in the picture...I got that las night too! It is normally an $80 jacket but it was on clearance for $15 and Sears was having 50% off all women's clearance, plus I get Mark's 20% off employee discount. So we ended up paying about $6! I love it so much! It is a great spring jacket. Mark is going to get me another one in black if they still have one.

And this is a picture of three things. One; our savings account dwindling. Two; how much Mark loves me. And three; a way for me to workout! I really like this bike so far. Mark got it for me at Sears last night. He never wanted me to go on walks around the neighborhood by myself, plus it's been too cold and I'm no good at sticking with workout dvd's. But with this I can stay at home inside while Jack is on the floor and ride this while watching a movie or listening to music. I'm so excited! Well hopefully next I can blog about how clean my house is, how many sewing projects I've finished (perfectly, of course!) and how much weight I've lost! *sigh* One can hope...


  1. "hey, I'm working on it. Well, no not really. But I will!"
    I love that! Hilarious!
    That jacket is SO CUTE! Tell Mark to buy me one!! It's so adorable!
    And I love your skirt, too! Really cute! I can totally relate to the sewing getting worse as the project goes along. You just want it to be done!
    I am excited for your bike thingy, that will be really nice! I kind of wish I had one, I used a treadmill when I was pregnant with Paige, but then I sold it. P.S. When am I going to see you and Jack??

  2. You will be in Yakima on the 15th or 16th right? We will be here too! =]

  3. so pretty much in a hundred years