Monday, March 9, 2009

Going, going..WHAT!!

This Saturday was Jaycilyn's Melody Lane show and silent auction. I put so much hard work into this, you wouldn't even believe it. I was so rushed and worked SO HARD on Saturday to get everything done in time. Altogether I made; 2 skirts, 2 matching headbands, 4 placemats, 4 coasters, 2 coffee sleeves, a tutu, a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, 2 loaves of pumpkin loaf, chocolate cupcakes and a jewelry box. I was so excited, but I guess I had too high of expectations. It seems people had a tight hold on their wallets this year! One of my skirts/headband set went for $2.50, the other one went for...drumroll please! $0.75!!! I can't believe that! I worked so hard!! The tutu went for 5.50 (the starting bid was $5) and then the baskets I made went for like $2-$3. Although, the jewelry box I made went for $11. But it wasn't just my stuff that wasn't going for very much. I saw a $30 gift certificate to a coffee stand that went for $2 and some really great aprons that went for $1-$2. I just couldn't believe how ridiculous that was. That isn't fair to the people who put their stuff in and it isn't fair to the kids who were getting that money credited to their accounts! Oh well I guess. Now I know. Here are some pictures of the things I made.

Well I am hoping to open my Etsy shop today. I will let you know when that is up. Hopefully things will be a little more profitable there!

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