Friday, January 30, 2009

Time flies whether you're having fun or not!

It has been almost three months since Jack was born and I can't believe all we've been through and accomplished! When Jack was first born there was nothing I wanted to do less than be a mom. It was the worst thing I could have imagined. And having not planned to get pregnant in the first place just made it all the worse. I felt horrible for it, but I hated this new life I was in. I didn't "feel" love for Jack that I thought I should, and I was ashamed of that. Slowly, things started to get better and we fell into a "routine" (although, sometimes it is still unpredictable!). Now at almost three months I love my little boy so much and don't mind being a mom at all. In fact, most days I really enjoy it. I am also very proud that we have made it this far exclusively breast-feeding. There have been SO MANY tough time when I just wanted to give up. But with support and help we have hung in there and Jack is really thriving! Overall, I am really happy to have Jack and so blessed with such a sweet little boy. Even though he seems to be teething (or something!) right now and we are getting VERY little sleep AND dealing with a VERY cranky baby =], I am still glad he is mine. Did I mention how cute he is? 


  1. Funny! I can kind of relate to the "do I really want to be a mom?" feelings, but I guess once you're pregnant it's a little late for that :o)
    I'm proud of you for breast feeding this long, too! Way to go! Don't give up now, though! There have been about 5 million times when I've thought I should just stop nursing, but it's such a great feeling when you make it all the way! (however long "all the way" is for you!) Not that I've quite made it there yet.
    Well I hope Cpt. Crank pants is back to his normal self soon!

  2. Haha! Thanks! I'm pretty sure I will nurse until he is at least a year and a half, maybe two years. I just have to remember how much better it is for him and how fat he would get on formula. =] Just kidding!
    I REALLY hope he is back to himself soon! This is running me ragged!